MDP delivers business intelligence to increase profit. Our software solutions help organisations to be more efficient by providing the right products to the right customers at the right price. We also help organisations to anticipate what may happen next in the market so they can make proactive business decisions.

Data analytics

We use the latest techniques in data fusion and data analytics to help produce rich information and business insights. Our clients can make confident decisions based on superior business intelligence. The use of data analytics to produce business insights is fundamental in our approach to help our clients make efficiency savings and reduce risk.

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Financial models

MDP’s consultants develop reliable and lasting financial models that clearly describe and anticipate any business risk. Our focus is on building effective financial modelling teams. We innovate to design more efficient, more accurate and more transparent models while helping our clients develop and enhance their in-house talent.

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Process automation

We use innovative information technology to replace inefficient and laborious business processes with cost-effective, reliable and fast process automation.

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Cost-effective solutions

MDP’s highly motivated professionals thrive in an environment where reward and effort are more closely aligned. This translates into competitive client rates, excellent staff rewards, and high quality delivery.

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MDP’s focused approach allows us to create the most effective modelling solutions for your specific business needs. We offer the most innovative and cutting-edge modelling and automation solutions throughout Europe and around the world.